I should just give up on

Owning a home

has changed
my life.

Pensacola Habitat for Humanity can change everything.

We’re tearing down walls

to build up communities.

One family, one homeowner, at a time.


We’re Pensacola Habitat for Humanity, and since 1981, we’ve built more than 1,300 homes in the Escambia and Santa Rosa county area.

But our impact goes beyond building houses. We reach wide across the community, with various programs and services aimed at transforming communities, one homeowner at a time.

about us

Over a Thousand Homes Built

Countless Families Transformed,



Think you know Habitat?

Think again.

Our homeowners are just that, home owners.

We help our homeowners break down the barriers to homeownership, familiarizing them with the home buying process.


Just like all homeowners, they put in their own money toward a down payment and closing costs, they pay a mortgage, and maintain all the responsibilities that come with their first home including paying their own insurance and taxes.

But even more, our homeowners attend homeowner readiness courses that empower and help them learn the skills necessary for successful homeownership such as home maintenance, budgeting, and repair.


Our homeowners go further by investing their “sweat equity” into physically building their own homes—and contributing toward the construction of others’.

We believe better prepared homeowners create better citizens, and more engaged neighbors. This is how we’re building up communities, one homeowner at a time.

See all the ways Pensacola Habitat is impacting our local community, and how you can volunteer to help.

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becoming a homeowner?

program benefits

We make homeownership


Our program isn’t a hand-out, it’s a hand-up.

We’re making homeownership achievable for many people who feel it is out of reach by offering our program participants the opportunity to purchase efficient and award-winning quality homes that not only transform their lives, but our community, too.

program benefits
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High Quality

While many of our volunteers and program participants help in the construction of their homes, all of our homes are built and overseen by experienced builders with high-quality, durable source materials.

And just like every new home, all our homes are built to code, adhering to—and often exceeding—strict regulations. No corners are cut, ever.


Energy Efficient

Not only do our homes meet the state and international standards for energy efficiency.

They far exceed it. Our Energy Star Certified* homes include modern, up-to-date technologies for mechanical, lighting and power systems that improve performance, durability, and indoor air quality while driving down energy costs and reducing overall energy use. Not to mention, our homes are 20% more efficient than homes built to the international standard set forth by the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

Energy Start Certified Homes
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Multiple Locations

We don’t assign homes, we help find the home that fits.

Our program participants have options and can choose—from a selection of available properties—a home and location that suits them best, with the only limitation being the buying power of the family’s household income.



We’ve competed against the best—established builders right here in Northwest Florida.

As a result, we earned high marks in the categories of quality of materials, design and craftsmanship, curb appeal, architectural detailing and aesthetics to win top recognition in the small home category of the 2016 Parade of Homes by the Northwest Florida Home Builders Association.

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Multiple Floor Plans

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our program participants can choose between several options of floor plans, as well as explore opportunities for additional upgrades. We work with you and your budget to ensure you have a home that will fit both your family and financial needs.

Habitat Financing

Our housing program is underwritten by grants, donations and a generation of home owners paying their mortgages, allowing us to provide flexible, financing to participants, and Flexible financing and affordable homeownership options to participants based on a families buying power.

Welcome to the
Homes that


Love Built.


Pensacola Habitat
for Humanity

Can Change Everything.

We know that homeownership allows members of our community to better realize their potential as strong families, workers, and citizens.

By breaking down the walls to homeownership, we’re transforming communities. Together, let’s transform what Pensacola Habitat for Humanity can do.

Winnie Meehan

Pensacola Habitat for Humanity Homeowner

Everyone at Habitat was just so incredibly helpful throughout the entire program process; they really made me feel comfortable and supported! They said you can do this; we are going to do this. You are qualified, and we are moving forward. Everyone just made me feel so comfortable about everything and I appreciate it.
Monique Fountain

Pensacola Habitat for Humanity Homeowner

Anyone who’s thinking of applying for the program needs to do it. Have someone from Habitat sit down with you and tell you what you need to do so you can have it on paper. You can say, ‘Okay, I need to start here, I need to do this…’ and then you just knock it out. It may seem like it’s so far away, but if you put the work in, it definitely can be done.
Sue Evans, Director of Corporate and Community Relations
Sue Evans

Pensacola Habitat for Humanity Director of Corporate & Community Relations

Our homebuyers choose their lot. They choose their cabinets. They choose their flooring. Being able to provide these options to our community has always been a dream of mine, a dream that’s come true for me and many families we’ve had the pleasure to work with.
Skip Vogelsang Board Member Testimonial
Skip Vogelsang

Pensacola Habitat for Humanity Board Member, Global Village

Everybody deserves a decent place to live – for themselves and their family. I’m proud that my work with Habitat for Humanity has helped make this a possibility for countless families, locally and around the world.
Alexandrea Castanon

Pensacola Habitat for Humanity Homeowner

We’re really lucky to be in the program with Habitat for Humanity, as well as being in the area where we are with our new home. My motivation for becoming a homeowner would have to be my daughter. It’s really nice to know that we’re going to be in a house that’s stable and safe for her to grow up in.
Shelby Link

Pensacola Habitat for Humanity Homeowner

Advice I give to people who are looking at the Habitat program: just go into it open minded. The whole process takes time, but the difference is that Habitat for Humanity cuts out so much of the hassle. You don’t have to contact the insurance company and deal with the property taxes on the side. They make it so easy.
Shalon Manuel

Pensacola Habitat for Humanity Homeowner

Growing up, I never had a home. We always moved from place to place. Now, here I am, about to be a homeowner. I can be financially stable and raise my child in a home we own. I feel blessed—Habitat for Humanity has been awesome.
Richard Freeman Homeowner Testimionial
Richard Freeman

Pensacola Habitat for Humanity Homeowner

My children were so excited to have friends come over to play in their yard, their rooms, at their house… it’s an indescribable feeling. Once my family moved into our Habitat home, it changed our lives forever.

Transforming Communities,
One Homeowner at a Time.

Find out if you qualify. Apply today, volunteer, or donate. Together, we can transform our community, one homeowner at a time.

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